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Our Inspiration

It started with two friends who decided to take a leap into the unknown and see the world. The two met while living near Toronto Canada. They became quick friends and eventually roommates.  Carl had been in a vehicle accident when he was 18 which resulted in his paraplegia. However, it was no surprise to his friends and family when, in 2017, he announced that he wanted to travel the world. Daniel was about to pursue a career change which made for the easy “yes” when Carl asked Daniel to join him on the adventure of a lifetime. The two traveled for the better part of a year through Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Their joys, struggles, and the community that they found every step of the way is what led Daniel to the creation of Travel Care Companions. More of their story can be found from the travel blog they kept called The Globe Rollers. 

See The Globe Rollers Blog Page

“There is so much joy to be found in the community that is created through overcoming barriers. My goal is to share this joy with as many people as I can.” – Daniel Stubbs

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